What are the key points to purchase high emulation Wig production?

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1. In general, there are two kinds of materials for the production of Hair Wig sleeves. One is real hair and the other is made of chemical fiber. If you want the real practical effect, you can choose the real hair products, but you must understand the maintenance and cleaning to maintain the hair in order to avoid drying out and deformation.

2. The size of the selection should be suitable for the purchase of the case, especially for the full set of Wig set should be their own try to take a few times, very is to choose their own specifications and wear to feel very comfortable and will not affect the head blood circulation, but also should look at the actual effect of wearing, Specifications must be made to ensure that the sideburns and more prominent positions match the shape of the head.

3. Choose the right color Wig set color selection should be based on their own skin color to make decisions, but also to see the type of Wig set, some are added to the local Wig, this time must be consistent with their original hair color to be able to appear more natural. If the full head Wig set then try to choose the color can foil their own skin color, if the skin color is white, then you can choose a light tone, otherwise generally can choose black, brown more natural. The above is the key point to buy Wig sleeve contains many levels, in addition, we should also pay attention to the process of using Wig sleeve should be often combed and maintained.

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