What factors determine the service life of a pass-through Shot Blast Machine?

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The service life of the pass-through Shot Blast Machine is the concern of enterprises. The equipment is generally divided into three kinds of life, namely, service life, economic life and technical life. What are the factors that determine the service life of a pass-through Shot Blast Machine? It refers to the total time not used before the material is not used, and the total time experienced before the material is discarded. The main factors of the service life of the manufacturer of the Shot Blast Machine are the quality of the equipment itself, the operation and daily maintenance of the equipment, the maintenance level of the equipment, and the mastery.

Equipment wear and performance, equipment technology relocation, working environment and natural disasters.

Due to the aging of the equipment, the use cost increases. The life of the equipment is determined according to the service cost, which is usually referred to as the annual average service cost. Economic life is used to analyze and determine the life and renewal time through the Shot Blast Machine.

Technical life, also known as the effective life of equipment. It means eliminating the total time required for equipment to be put into production by means of technologically mature and economically reasonable new equipment. Technical life depends on the rate of invisible wear of equipment.

With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of labor productivity, the fiercer the competition, the shorter the technological life and the faster the replacement of equipment. When the cast aluminum rotor is fractured by Shot Blast Machine, corresponding treatment measures should be taken according to the different fracture conditions of the rotor.

When cracks appear in the aluminum guide bar or aluminum end ring, the cracks can be cut from the toon or trapezoidal slots on either side of the Shot Blast Machine and repaired by argon arc welding. When cracks appear in the aluminum guide rod or aluminum end ring, the cracks can be removed from the groove with a sharp chisel, heated to 400~500℃ with a blowtorch, and then 63% tin, 33% zinc and 4% aluminum are added. Welding electrodes can be filled by gas welding to fill cracks.

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