How to choose a Camping Chair

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When we chose the Camping Chair, we considered height, load-bearing, portability and stability

1.Camping Stool

Advantages: Camping Stool is comfortable to sit on, portable and doesn't take up much space

Disadvantages: Low utility

2. Moon Chair

Advantages: The moon chair is the first choice of many camping partners, comfort is very good, a good sense of experience, but also very durable, lightweight design is very attractive

Disadvantages: general stability, sitting on the action is not very convenient, there will be a card leg situation

3. Fold Camping Chair

Advantages: The folding Camping Chair offers excellent stability and is very lightweight, making it ideal for carrying outdoors

Disadvantages: General comfort, poor sitting experience, and load-bearing effect performance

4. Butterfly Chair

Advantages: The butterfly chair has a high level of appearance, and has the characteristics of durability and easy disassembly

Disadvantages: large weight, but also occupies a lot of space, need comprehensive consideration before deciding whether to buy

5. Double Camping Chair

Advantages: The two-person Camping Chair has a large space and is very comfortable, which is suitable for family trips

Disadvantages: The two-person Camping Chair is heavier and takes up more space, so it is not very convenient to carry

6. Kermit Chair

Advantages: The Kermit chair, also known as the original wood chair, is characterized by its high level of appearance, its suitability for outdoor environments, and its durability for long-term use

Disadvantages: Because Kermit chair is mostly wood + aluminum alloy structure, so the weight is larger, go out to carry is not convenient

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