Is the bento Insulation Bag washable

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1. If there is only a small amount of stain, it is recommended to use a wet dishwashing towel dipped in a small amount of dishwashing liquid to scrub. If the Insulation Bag is indeed more dirty, can soak in water, first fully soaked wet, and then use a soft brush dipped in detergent or laundry detergent gently scrub, after cleaning to rinse several times, the foam is completely removed. Remember to wash after must not wring and shake dry, put the entire Insulation Bag in turn, then hang up to control water, do not put in the sun exposure, put in a ventilated place dry is also very fast.

2. Insulation Bag can be washed for the first time using boiling water and vinegar soak for five minutes, take out and clean with water to dry. It's sterilizing and doesn't smell of vinegar.

3. Like this kind of supplies, it is suggested that it is best to wash by hand, after all, the machine is a machine, it can not do as flexible as people, as long as in its work bucket, it is the same treatment, not deliberately to discriminate.

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