Auger Drive 80000N for 26-40t Excavator

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Auger Drive 80000N for 26-40t Excavator is the largest Auger Drive in the YICHEN Auger Drive line. The auger drive weighs 770 kg, and its torque is up to 80.000 Nm. With 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in excavator attachments. Yichen is a professional excavator attachment manufacturer and has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality and most efficient excavator attachment products. In addition, we also provide the services of product training, installation instruction, application consulting, and product customization.

Yichen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Yichen Environment), formerly known as Ant Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., was officially renamed in November 2020. It is a one-stop service provider for environmental engineering equipment. The company's products include six categories: drum cutter, aerator, rock saw, crusher bucket, screening bucket, and soil stabilization system. The products are widely used in new and reconstructed roads, airports, tunnels, bridges, heavy engineering infrastructure, and other fields to provide a strong guarantee for municipal, transportation, water conservation, and other urban construction.With nearly 20 years of experience in the development of excavator attachments and the production of solid material treatment equipment. In 2015, YICHEN independently designed and developed the world's leading soil stabilization technology and was the first company in the world to use a more environmentally friendly solid-to-liquid stabilizer construction technology. Based on the premise of environmental protection and energy savings, the technology realizes the in situ solidification of soft foundation, sludge, and soft soil of roadbeds, swamps, landfills, beach coatings, river courses, and engineering mud through the perfect cooperation between power mixers, excavators, control centers, and material storage equipment so as to form a composite and stable base.

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