UAV Drone Killer Gun Signal Jammer

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UAV Drone Killer Gun Signal Jammer will transmit the high-power jamming signal to force the entering drone out of ground control, to return home, or to force it to land. With this UAV drone killer gun signal jammer, the drone cannot send reconnaissance photos and videos to the ground anymore, and the ground will also lose control of the drone. 

Shenzhen TeXin Electronics Co., Ltd. is an innovative developer and producer catering to international quality standards and market needs. Our main product is the RF jammer module, anti drone system, drone signal jammer, anti drone gun, phone WIFI signal jammer, GPS signal jammer, etc. 

Our factory has accumulated a large number of talents in the RF area, including hardware and software engineers, for ODM projects from design to production.For the out-shape design, our mechanical engineers usually adopts CAD for DFM to maximum save the cost engaged in the real production and ensure the high performance of line beauty, heat-dissipation, suitable hardness etc. 

More importantly, the software engineer is always learning to adapt themselves to the latest and most advanced high technology to be an innovative leader in the RF area. They will suggest the appropriate electronic parts like an IC, VCO, RF amplifier, and gain block module for the whole integrated circuit. And our purchasing department will seriously select a high-grade electronics supplier to guarantee each part’s quality.  On assemblies, the production engineer will guide the workers from the first step to the final step to ensure that the final product is consistent with the original design. Also, a distinct management structure is gradually formed in our factory, from marketing, selling, after-sales service, production schedule, and logistics, to achieve effective and efficient operating and running. We have now been equipped with a complete management system for manufacturing according to ISO 9001 standards. The strict quality control is through IQC, QC on assemblies, before package and final warehousing, and FQC before delivery, etc.Customers’ stratification is always what we pursue.

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